Oce IJM 262 Instant Dry Photo Paper, Satin 190g

Oce IJM 262 Instant Dry Photo Paper, Satin 190g
2 840 руб.
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На основе красителя (Dye ink) / Пигментные (Pigment ink) / Латексные
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Полное описание

Product Description

Instant dry, satin, high density photo paper with an excellent color space. IJM262 is constructed with a high opacity base, a 2-sided PE coating, and 4 level ink jet layers to control ink absorption and facilitate lamination.

Physical Properties

Weight 190 ± 7 g/m2 Caliper 186 μm nominal
Whiteness 140 mimimum 60º Gloss 20 nominal
Opacity 92 % minimum    

Applications/ Features

Posters, Points of sale/purchase Instant dry
Indoor/Outdoor* signage Bright white appearance
Imposition proofing High colour density
  Excellent color space
* only when protected by lamination Good lamination properties

Available Widths (mm)

2"Core: 610 914 1067 1270 1524
Refer to www.oce.com.

Storage Conditions

Shelf life: 2 years
Temperature 15 – 25º C, Relative Humidity 30 - 70%.
Repack opened rolls when not in use

Print Conditions

Best results are obtained at 23º C and 50% RH.
Higher humidity will increase drying time, low humidity may cause curling.

Environment, Health & Safety

No Material Safety Data Sheet required.
Paper waste is not suitable for recycling .

Printer Compatibility

DG Printers Ink Rating Remarks
Océ CS 5050/5070/5090 Dye/Pigment
Encad NJ ProE, 500/630/700/850/1000i Dye/Pigment
HP 5x00 Series Dye/Pigment
HP Z2100/Z3100/Z6100 Pigment
Epson 7x00/9x00/10000 Dye/Pigment
Epson 7600/9600/10600 UC K3
Epson 7880/ 9880/ 11880 UC K3
Canon W7200/8200 Dye/Pigment
Canon W6400/8400 Pigment
Canon IPF series Pigment
Mutoh RJ Series/ Roland FJ Series Dye/Pigment
When printing with Dye ink, protect image with laminate because of gas-fading.
CAD Printers  
Océ TCS400/TCS500  
Océ CS2024/44, CS2136, CS2224/36  
HP 500, 650, 750, 500/800, 1050, 1055  
3= excellent 2= fair 1= not recommended


Lamination Compatibility

Cold Warm Hot
3 3 -
3= excellent 2= fair 1= not recommended

Cold: pressure sensitive
Warm: heat activated: 85ºC - 95ºC
Hot, heat activated 105º C -130º C

Outdoor Use

Not suitable for outdoor use. Short time outdoor use possible only when laminated.

Colour Profiles

Océ develops high-quality colour profiles for media / ink / printer / RIP combinations. Check availability of profiles for your printer on the download section of www.oce.com.

Processing Guidelines

Printing guidelines
Allow material to adapt to room conditions for 24 hours before printing Keep out of direct sunlight. Side to be printed is the outer side of the roll. Use of gloves is recommended Dye inks on microporous coated products can exhibit some fading (apart from UV) due to its open structure. Gasses like Ozone cause this phenomenon. Lamination will solve this issue.

Lamination guidelines
Immediate lamination possible.
One-sided lamination may cause curling.


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